Foundation Course

Foundation Course

most of the students dream for very high goals like dreaming for I.I.T., C.A.T., I.I.M., M.B.A., U.P.S.C. etc. but are unable to start at the right time due to lack of either passion or facilities or awareness.

many of them start thinking about it after 10th but find many difficulties later due to steep change in the level of the syllabus of class 11 and 12.

useless classes (FOUNDATION COURSE)

  • Change the most important thing. . . vision
  • Make your performance better in JSTSE, NTSE, IMO, etc...
  • Provide you right direction forI.I.T., C.A.T., I.I.M., M.B.A., U.P.S.C. etc.
  • Highly rise in performance in mathematics
  • Make you stand better among 5,00,000 students...not 50 or 500
  • Improve your I.Q. to an unexpected extent
  • Improve your reflexes
  • Make you able to think and to do different