Positive Atmosphere

Whether you are taking your first steps
into music and dance,returning to an
old passion, or looking
to hone your talents to a professional level.

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Why We?


Our goal is to make the performing arts approachable and affordable to students of every skill level and every age,help you to explore your creativity.

Positive Atmosphere

Whether you are taking your first steps into music and dance, returning to an old passion, or looking to hone your talents to a professional level.


Research has shown that young people who study music outperform in academics due to the enhanced brain development and focus, can help build confidence.

Regular Course

  • - meant for strong foundation in cbse
  • - for class 9 and 10 only
  • - subjects = mathematics, science
  • - admission starts in march
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last year results

36 Teacher
24 Classes
48 Lessons
1689 Students

Foundation Course

most of the students dream for very high goals like dreaming for I.I.T., C.A.T., I.I.M., M.B.A., U.P.S.C. etc. but are unable to start at the right time due to lack of either passion or facilities or awareness.
many of them start thinking about it after 10th but find many difficulties later due to steep change in the level of the syllabus of class 11 and 12.

useless classes (FOUNDATION COURSE)
  • - change the most important thing. . . vision
  • make your performance better in JSTSE, NTSE, IMO, etc...
  • - provide you right direction forI.I.T., C.A.T., I.I.M., M.B.A., U.P.S.C. etc.
  • - highly rise in performance in mathematics
  • - make you stand better among 5,00,000 students...not 50 or 500
  • - improve your I.Q. to an unexpected extent
  • - improve your reflexes
  • - make you able to think and to do different
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Some Honored Moments

School, coaching, VMC, and then IIT, i have been taught by a lot of teachers, but it was you who influenced me the most, and from whom I learned the most.

-Vishal jain
-(I.I.T., AIR 43)
-Ryan International

I had given the Intelligent Test in Class tenth and the subsequently enrolled myself in the 10 day course in Mathematics at Vishal Institute. I had the most amazing experience at Vishal Institute, it was truly enriching.

-Deepali Adlakha
-Lancers Convent

Experience - Vishal Institute introduced me to a dream that despite being academically good, I did not have the confidence to see and they showed me the ropes to reach there as well. The greatest lesson I got from Vishal sir was that being a class topper is not enough, there are thousands of them. Day 1 Vishal sir told my mom to get the fees ready as I would be going to VMC next year and IIT after that at time I did not even know what VMC was. Thank you sir for all your support and guidance. It was irreplaceable. .

-Tarang Gupta
-Mount Abu Public School

'the two things Vishal sir instilled in me was the competitive spirit, and motivation to excel. it has helped me to do well in whatever i have done. there are only few people in your life who have a positive role in your success, and vishal sir figures in that list of mine'.

-Yashpal Goel
-mother divine public school

from the chocolates that had to be earned to the name of the classes itself, my experience at Vishal Institute will be remembered life long. Vishal sir, the motivation that you gave me really helped me crack jee!!

-samarth Aggarwal
-(I.I.T. AIR 186)
-the heritage

Here , maths is not just mugging up formulas and applying them on a sheet of paper .. It's far beyond that ! It's about real life application, about playing with numbers and above all, it's about loving numbers. Infact, Maths is just an excuse .. It's about development, it's about progress, it's about happiness ! Institute made my milestones look near and easy and helped me to reach there by providing expert guidance and support. Expertise of faculty here is unmatchable. My experience at Vishal Institute is much beyond maths and score. Thanks to Vishal Sir and Minocha Sir for this valuable experience.

-sanchit arora
-bal bharati pitam pura

Our Vishal sir not only teaches us maths, but also the way of living life..

-lalit Dahiya
-new state academy

5 students out of my batch made cleared IIT of a rough batch of 35-40, the ratio says it all

-mukul Jindal
-dav pushpanjali

Attending Bogus classes, Useless classes and other lectures at Vishal Institute was an extremely enriching experience for me. The way of teaching at Vishal Institute and the amazing quality of the faculty there, sets it apart from other such institutes. Intelligence-cum-interesting test of Mathematics is another brilliant initiative by the institute to propagate mathematical knowledge among the masses.

-manan bhutani
-dps rohini

Studying at Vishal Institute is a transformational experience. It helped me firmly understand the fundamentals and swiftly progress to the advanced-level in a relatively short time frame. When I reflect on my years spend at the institute, I believe, the institute's unique study-model and Vishal Sir's passion and expertise are key reasons for undoubtedly making this institute The Best

-saurabh jain

I believe that Vishal Institute was laid the platform for my strong academics. It was the first time I had joined coaching and the experience was truly amazing. Not only the teachers, the friends that I met there were intellectually brilliant. The most important part of my time at Vishal institute was “The Useless Classes”. With the help of these classes, I cleared entrance of Vidyamandir Classes and then went on to enter IIT Delhi. Vishal institute helped me develop strong basics and a solid foundation to excel in my future. Also, Vishal sir is so friendly that with him it’s just like studying with frienDS

-sameer sahni
-apeejay school